2015 – 2016


2015 – 2016 Cohort

David Marchant, Cardiff (MChem):

RS1: Asymmetric Photocatalysis in Chiral Nanoreactors: Dr Dave Carbery (Bath)
RS2: Catalytic dissociation of N2O: Professor Stan Golunski (Cardiff)
PhD: Advanced Catalysis for efficient processing: Professor Stuart Taylor (Cardiff), Professor Stan Golunski (Cardiff), Professor Graham Hutchings (Cardiff), Professor Duncan Wass (Bristol)

Kirstie Milne, Bath (MChem):

RS1: Selectivity and lifetime effects in Sn-catalysed Baeyer-Villager oxidations: Dr Ceri Hammond (Cardiff)
RS2: Iron catalysed dehydrochlorination: synthetic studies and mechanistic insight: Dr Ruth Webster (Bath)
PhD: Bromine assisted alkane oxidation: Dr Ceri Hammond (Cardiff), Dr Antoine Buchard (Bath)

Mark Sullivan, Bristol (MChem):

RS1: Synthesis of novel nanoparticles using a combination of conventional and microwave methodologies: Dr Nikolaos Dimitratos (Cardiff)
RS2: Design, Synthesis and Catalytic Application of P-containing Ligands: Professor Paul Pringle (Bristol)
PhD: Polymer supported Alkaline Earth Catalysts: Dr Ben Ward (Cardiff), Professor Michael Hill (Bath)

Kurt Polidano, Malta (MSc):

RS1: Design, Synthesis and Catalytic Application of P-containing: Professor Paul Pringle (Bristol)
RS2: Novel frustrated Lewis pairs in catalysis: Dr Paul Newman (Cardiff)
PhD: A New Frontier in Dual Catalysis: Productive Merger of the Borrowing Hydrogen Principle with Organocatalysis: Dr Louis Morrill (Cardiff) Professor Jonathan Williams (Bath)

Naomi Markham, Manchester (MChem):

RS1: Sustainable liquid organic hydrogen carriers for automobile industry: Dr Pawel Plucinski (Bath)
RS2: Catalysis using supported gold nanoparticles: Professor Graham Hutchings (Cardiff)
PhD: Catalysts for consumer products: Professor Graham Hutchings (Cardiff), Professor Stuart Taylor (Cardiff), Dr Matthew Jones (Bath)

Tanyia Shandil, Brasford (MChem):

RS1: Catalytic chirality generation: new strategies for organic synthesis: Dr John Bower (Bristol)
RS2: Merging the Borrowing Hydrogen Principal with Organocatalysis: Dr Louis Morrill (Cardiff)
PhD: Exploring Organo-Catalysed Reactions Under Solvent-Free Mechanochemical Conditions: Dr Duncan Browne (Cardiff), Professor Matthew G. Davidson (Bath), Louis Morrill (Cardiff)

Paulina Genzels, Cardiff (MChem):

RS1: Heterogeneous Catalysts for Hydrogen Auto Transfer Reactions: Dr Sankar Menakshisundaram (Cardiff)
RS2: Homogeneous Gold Catalysis: Dr Chris Russell (Bristol)
PhD: New Directions in Oxidative Gold Catalysis: Dr Chris Russell (Bristol) & Dr Thomas Wirth (Cardiff)

Emma Freeman, Leicester (MChem):

RS1: Nano-engineered photocatalysts for solar fuels: Dr Salvador Eslava (Bath)
RS2: Electro-catalytic reduction of CO2 into high valuable compounds: computational simulation: Dr Alberto Roldan (Cardiff)
PhD: Nanostructured photcatalysts for photoelectochemical water splitting: Dr Salvador Eslava (Bath), Professor David Fermin (Bristol), Dr Veronica Celorrio (Bristol)

Jonathan Hall, Bath (MChem):

RS1: Development of an enzyme-coupled organocatalytic system: Dr Louis Luk (Cardiff)
RS2: Going Lo-Co in Bath: Catalytically Relevant Low-Coordinate Ni(I) Intermediates: Professor Mike Whittlesey (Bath)
PhD: Catalytic Opportunities with Low-coordinate Ni(I) Complexes: Mike Whittlesey (Bath), Damien Murphy (Cardiff), Emma Carter (Cardiff), Paul Pringle (Bristol)

Louis Morris, Bristol (MSc):

RS1: Earth Abundant Catalysts for Controlled Organometallic Polymer Synthesis: Professor Michael Hill (Bath)
RS2: Transition Metal Oxides as Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts: (Professor David Fermin)
PhD: Earth Abundant Catalysts for Organometallic Polymer Synthsis: Professor Mike Hill (Bath), Professor Ian Manners (Bristol)

Rose King, Bath (MChem):

RS1: Catalytic upgrading of ethanol to advanced biofuels: Professor Duncan Wass (Bristol)
RS2: Development of novel P=N participating ligands for homogeneous catalysis: Dr Antoine Buchard (Bath)
PhD: Switchable supported homogeneous catalysts for novel multifunctional sustainable polymers: Dr Antoine Buchard (Bath), Dr Ceri Hammond (Cardiff)

Gael Gobaille-Shaw, Reading (MChem):

RS1: Transition Metal Oxides as Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts: Professor David Fermin (Bristol)
RS2: Innovative Microbial Electrochemical Systems that Convert Waste into Energy: Dr Mirella Di Lorenzo (Bath)
PhD: Designing New Electrocatalyst for the Conversion of CO2 to Liquid Fuels: Professor David Fermin (Bristol), Dr Alberto Roldan (Cardiff), Dr Neil Fox (Bristol), Dr Sean Davies (Bristol)

Mattia Manzotti, Milan (MSc):

RS1: The Productive Merger of Organocatalysis & Frustrated Lewis Pairs: Dr Rebecca Melen (Cardiff)
RS2: Iron Will: probing iron-catalysed cross-coupling processes: Professor Robin Bedford (Bristol)
PhD: FunCHEAM: Catalytic C-H functionalisatino with Earth-Abundant Metals: Professor Robin Bedford (Bristol), Professor Damien Murphy (Cardiff), Dr Randolf Köhn (Bath)

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