2018 – 2019

2018-2019 Cohort

Bert Rowett, Bristol (MSci)

I graduated from the University of Bristol in 2018. My final year project, supervised by Prof. Paul Pringle, was concerned with the synthesis of diphosphine ligands and their application to a ruthenium-based anti-cancer complex. I spent my third year on an industrial placement at AstraZeneca in Macclesfield, working as an analytical chemist. Away from chemistry, my main hobby over the years has been athletics (400/800m) and I’ve played most sports at one point or another. I’m also an avid ice hockey fan (though I’ve never played) and am in a pantomime society.

Alejandro Bara Estaun, Spain, (MSc)

I graduated with my Bachelors degree in Chemistry from the University of Zaragoza, Spain,  in 2017.  In my final year, I worked with Prof. Andrew Beeby at Durham University, United Kingdom, as Erasmus student on the synthesis and conductance measurements of molecular wires based on pyrazol and bipyridine. I then undertook in a master’s degree in Synthesis, Catalysis and molecular design from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Spain. Which I graduated from in 2018. During that year I carried out an industrial placement at IFP Energies Nouvelles in Lyon, France, synthesising small molecules as new ligands for catalysts in the oligomerization of ethylene.

Anna Lazaridou, Greece, (MRes) *Johnson Matthey

Originally from Greece, I graduated with a Bsc in Chemistry from he National University of Athens, Greece, and I then continued my studies in London where I did a MRes in Drug Discovery and Development at Imperial College London. All my major projects were focused on developing novel structural motifs with biological and medicinal interest. In my spare time I like doing sports….nah… who am I kidding? If you cant’t find me in the lab (or the library), I will most likely be in the pub with friends debating about economics and politics…

Charlie Paris, Belgium, (MSc)

Hailing from Belgium, I graduated with a Master’s degree in Bio-Engineering from the University of Louvain, Belgium. My master’s thesis was about the development of catalysts for the direct hydrogenation of carbon dioxide, in cooperation with the University of Concepcion, Chile.

Daniel Good, UEA, (MChem)

I was born and raised in Norfolk and I graduated with a MChem from UEA (University of East Anglia). During my final year, I undertook a synthetic organic project investigating barbiturate-derived compounds with anti-leishmaniasis activity. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano, whether it be alone or accompanying choirs, and arranging/composing music.

Daniel Hewes, Reading, (MChem) *Total

I graduated from the University of Reading having done my final year project with Prof. Matthew Almond. The project focused on the chemical analysis of paper samples from different manufacture locations in order to determine provenance. I plan on carrying out my PhD project with Dr Qian He at Cardiff focusing on electron microscopy of amorphous heterogeneous catalysts.

Debbie Thacker, Bangor, (MSc) *Cogent Power

I graduated with a first class MChem from the University of Bangor. For my third-year project I worked with Prof. Mike Beckett making zinc cation polyborates for the development of flame retardants. For my fourth year project I worked with Dr Martina Lahmann and Dr Marc Bouillon making Anemoclemoside X derivatives for use as a treatment for liver fluke.

Harry Jepson, Southampton, (MChem)

I’m originally from Bristol and I completed my MChem at the University of Southampton. In my third year, I worked on making macromolecular scaffolds for lanthanide ions. My fourth year project was making and modifying RAFT polymers. My hobbies include playing and watching a variety of sports, watching live music and going to the pub.

Jack Pitchers, Lancaster, (MSc) *Total

I was born in Kent but decided to move north to study Lancaster University, which I graduated from with an MSc in Natural Sciences. I had a great four years at university, including a year abroad in Colorado. In Lancaster, I worked on the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide using heterogenous catalysts. Whilst at university I was vice captain for the men’s football team, and still play on my weekends now I am down in Cardiff. My other interests include golf and socialising.

Matthew Shaw, Bristol, (MChem)

I was born in Nottingham  and obtained an MChem from Bristol University, where I worked on producing isobutanol from mixtures of ethanol and methanol using ruthenium catalysts. My interests include playing cricket and riding the roller-coaster that is Nottingham Forest FC.

Matthew Williams, Cardiff, (MChem)

I completed my MChem at Cardiff, including a year abroad at the University of Florida. I completed my fourth-year project under the supervision of Dr Louis Morrill, investigating a synthesis of a novel type of cyanamide compound. In my spare time I watch football and rugby, try to stay fit, and play video games.”

Samuel Robertshaw, Bangor, (MChem) *Selden

Originally born in Manchester, I spent the first ten years of my life in the north before moving down to Somerset. I graduated with an MChem from Bangor Univeristy, during which I conducted two research projects. The first project was in analytical chemistry, focusing primarily on tandem mass spectrometry. My second research project aimed to develop biosensors for target bacteria using electrochemical methods. My project will be industrially linked with Selden under the supervision of Prof. Graham Hutchings.

Sandeep Kaler, Queen Mary UoL, (MSc)

Raised in West London, I graduated in 2017 with an MSci from Queen Mary University of London. My final year project was completed under the supervision of Dr. Cristina Giordano, investigating novel catalysts for relevant biochemical processes. After completing my MSci, I spent 14 months working with radioactive pharmaceuticals for Alliance Medical. When I’m not pushing around electrons or drawing chemical structures, I can be found reading books, cooking, enjoying copious amounts of wine and travelling to beautiful places!

Thomas Linford-Wood, Nottingham, (MChem)

I graduated with an MChem from the University of Nottingham, where, during my undergraduate research, I synthesised a novel catalytic molecular machine and gained experience in coordination chemistry. In my spare time I enjoy lots of football and endure a bit of long-distance running.

Vladimir Vladimirov, Cardiff, (MChem)

Originally from Bulgaria , I graduated with a First Class MChem with Year in Industry degree from Cardiff University in 2018, During my undergraduate studies, I was awarded the RSC Undergraduate Research Bursary to complete a summer research project under Dr Louis Morril and Dr Rebecca Melen, where he looked at Lewis acid catalysed epoxide rearrangements and hydrosilylation reactions.

I then embarked on a 12-month industrial placement working as a Development Analyst at PCI Pharma Services in Tredegar, as well as a short independent project focused on the development of analytical HPLC methods.

After completing my placement, I was awarded a CUROP stipend to embark on another summer research project which looked at the use of boron Lewis acids in catalysis in the group of Dr Rebecca Melen. For my master’s project I again worked in the group of Dr Melen, discovering a novel FLP-mediated radical coupling reaction.

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