Catalysis – Fundamentals and Practice (2015)

In association with the UK Catalysis Hub and the RSC, Liverpool University are hosting a Summer School in Catalysis with talks from world-leading experts in catalysis and chemical engineering. Details below, together with poster and registration form.

20 – 24 July 2015, LIVERPOOL, U.K.

The Summer School will

  •  Provide an introduction to the fundamental aspects of catalysis
  •  Broaden and update the knowledge base in catalysis.
  •  Describe some of the frontier developments occurring in catalysis today.
  • A forum for discussion and the formation of new professional contacts.


  •  Basis of Catalysis and Chemical Engineering
  •  Sustainability and renewables
  •  Catalysis in Bio-Tech
  •  Discovery
  •  Process Development
  •  Catalysts
  •  Catalyst Characterization

Download: Advert and Brochure & Registration Form

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